The Brazzers logo and John Wick: it changes the dynamic dynamically!

Brazzers logo and John Wick
September 21, 2020
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Brazzers, the Canadian-based adult website, is known for a lot of things. Many, of course, are salacious…even titillating. The big one, however (*snicker*) is the Brazzers logo. It’s become iconic, and there are many people doing some funny stuff with it — including making their own Brazzer scenes (-ish). You can see what we mean in this John Wick meme lineup.

John Wick memes using the Brazzer logo are awesome

Cassian – John Wick. It takes on a whole new flavor now, doesn’t it?

John Wick memes are nothing new, especially the funny ones with his dog. These are just wrong…which is, obviously, why we like them.

This pictorial is work safe! However…

Warning! Funny Brazzers scenes ahead.

Some of the links are not.

The pictures and gifs are not links, you’re good to go and SFW there. The hyperlinks at the bottom (which are available to you purely as a public service) are not Safe For Work. You’ve been warned!

Anyway, it’s not like you haven’t visited some of these pages before!

Brazzers Scenes

Starring John Wick

John Wick in the "Brazzers reluctance" category maybe?

John Wick in the “Brazzers reluctance” category maybe? Which would make the picture earlier in the series (Cassian John Wick) a part of the Brazzers ebony lineup. Maybe.

Here you go. This just screams Brazzers MILF work.

Brazzers MILF series - this John Wick meme is not your typical video thereof.

Brazzers MILF series – this John Wick meme is not your typical video thereof.

Brazzers logo: naughty librarian

Naughty librarian perhaps? Sexy bookworm?

John Wick threesome maybe?

Threesomes maybe? No! That’s “Brazzers Hot and Mean”! (Which is really a category, though apparently there aren’t actually dudes in it. It’s all girls.)

Brazzers John Wick fight scene

Not gonna lie, we’re struggling to come up with something pithy for this one. Could be Brazzers Asian?

John Wick at hotel with Charon

Hmmmm…this John Wick meme could be an office encounter. Or maybe a casting couch gig!


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Public Service Announcement:

If you wanted to visit the actual Brazzers, like for science or whatever, you could do so via one of these links.

Brazzers home page                     (NSFW)

All Brazzers Scenes                       (NSFW)

Brazzers, MILF category              (NSFW)

Brazzers Hot & Mean                     (NSFW)

Brazzers, Ebony category            (NSFW)

Brazzers, Asian category              (NSFW)

We’re not going to tell anyone. Just remember to delete your browser history.

Brazzers gifs

There’s more than just JW-related stuff out there, mind you. People have put that Brazzers logo on all kinds of stuff.

You like wrestling?

Brazzers gif

Brazzers gif

Here are a few more examples of the Brazzers logo in use from around the interwebz. Hopefully, you’ll find ’em as funny as we do.

John Wick Memes they’re not

Hell, they even hit classics and cartoons. Which is even more disturbing than sexy cosplay.

Aaaaand, that’s it for today. Now we’re kinda having writers’ remorse, but it’s done now. Might as well publish it!

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