Hear ye, hear ye! The All Out Tactical Giveaway has begun

All of you gather around whilst we advise you of much munificence!

💰 Over a thousand dollars worth of prizes stands to be won in this month’s ALL OUT TACTICAL GIVEAWAY, including some from our own 🏰 House Ghostgrey (long may they flourish).

The winner will be chosen on 2/22/19. You should enter the tourney now,  and mayhap have they comrades join you — then you could divvy the plunder among you if one of you wins!

Prizes include:

Grey Ghost Gear Hideout Bag

Grey Ghost Gear - House Ghostgrey - All Out Tactical Giveaway

Spartan Armor Package: AR 500 Omega Body Armor and Wolf Bite Tactical Helix Carrier

All Out Tactical Giveaway

Devil Dog Concepts “Hard Charger

DDC Combative Handgunning Sight Set

All  Out Tactical Giveaway: tactical gear and military equipment contest

Longhorn LSB1014 Home/Office safe

RE Factor Tactical Enhanced Kit Bag
All  Out Tactical Giveaway: tactical gear and military equipment contest

Tactical Transition AR-15 Stripped Billet Upper Receiver

LAX Ammunition 1500 round MAN CAN

Grindworx Titan D/A OTF Automatic Knife

Readyman Plan2 Survive Ultimate Survival Engine

and much more!
That sign-up location again: All Out Tactical Giveaway.
Join House Morningwood, get access to the Morningwood Bazaar.

Bear our sigil, speak our words.

Save a fuckton of money on dozens of tactical manufacturers and retailers.

Morningwood Guidon Waving - Rise Before Dawn

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