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An ugly gun from Armslist
March 22, 2022
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If you’re a firearms enthusiast, chances are you have heard of ARMSLIST. In fact, with more than 2 1/2 million users and over 1,300 registered FFL dealers involved, chances are you’ve probably also been on their website. 

An ugly gun from Armslist

But how much do you actually know about it?



It is a private online marketplace, but it doesn’t actually sell firearms. Instead, it works virtually with a huge network of registered FFL dealers to put a wide range of guns in front of prospective gun owners. 

This allows people in the United States to list items for sale online, communicating safely, securely, and because you’re working directly with FFLs, you’ll be legally buying with very low risk of scams or fraud. Whether you’re a dealer, manufacturer, or individual gun owner, Armslist provides you with an alternative to auction sites and has drastically lower fees, and zero commission fees.


ARMSLIST has guns and gear, accessories, blogs, and reviews on hundreds of products you’d be interested in owning, all while conducting business easily and legally, with accountability on both sides of a transaction.

Buying or Selling

The main thing to know about buying a gun on the website is that you don’t need an account to buy a gun. As a non-subscriber, you can still purchase from the ARMSLIST network of over 1,300 FFL dealers. However, having an account opens up new possibilities for you.


They offer two different account types, the Premium Vendor account and the Personal account. Each account is adjusted to the seller’s needs, which provides options that many online companies don’t offer.


ARMSLIST Legal Defense Fund

They also help maintain the ARMSLIST Legal Defense Fund that fights to protect the 2nd Amendment rights of all Americans, focusing on issues regarding the internet. Armslist also provides up-to-date news articles about guns, gun laws, and opinionated articles to educate the public on matters affecting the 2nd Amendment.

Armslist strongly encourages anyone interested in selling or buying guns to try immediately. But… if you’re not interested in buying or selling products, you can always support our Legal Defense Fund. Your participation there helps ensure the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans are not taken away.

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