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Melissa Georgesson hefting a Liv Invite bicycle. House Morningwood | Rise Before Dawn.
April 18, 2018
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Though I can (and do) run every day, I thought biking wasn’t for me. Despite his Hodor-like size and general gracelessness, I just couldn’t keep up with 2CentTac. I would huff and wheeze like I was dying.


Before I gave up on the idea (mostly because I’m stubborn), I upgraded to a much newer dandy horse (velocipede? penny farthing?) — I bought a Liv Invite.  It seemed like it would do everything I needed it to do.

Bam! Appearances were not deceiving. It was like night and day.

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Now I speed past my shambling cohort with endless endurance, and he is struggling to keep up with me. 

Melissa Georgesson and her Liv Invite Velocipede. House Morningwood | Rise Before Dawn.

Apparently bike quality makes a huge difference…’cause, you know, a steel frame is heavier than a carbon fiber fork and aluminum bike. And perhaps these last many months of training has helped me get  little stronger too  

I even managed to climb the Horrible Death Hill without stopping, which would’ve been impossible before. I’m not saying I’m an awesome cyclist, far from it! I’m not as bad as I was though. That’s a big deal to me, and makes biking a lot more fun.

House Morningwood | Rise Before Dawn - Melissa and her Liv Invite Bicycle.

I’m super pumped for the biking, camping, and assorted two-wheeled adventures to come!

To learn more, check out Liv Cycles, Arkel Panniers, Axiom Gear, and Valley Stove.

This velocipede will take you to the Bikepacking section of Amazon. 

A speeding velocipede.

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