Heralding the arrival of House Kinetic!

📌 BLUF, our Patreon backers may now purchase Kinetic Development Group products for far less money 💰 than the teeming, unwashed masses who don’t back us. Current codes include 5% off + free shipping, 10% off + free shipping, and 15% off + free shipping; each level of savings is dependent upon your level of commitment to the Great House

Read on for more news 📜 !

It is with great rejoicing we announce that Kinetic Development Group has declared for House Morningwood! That is correct – KDG, or as we must now call them, House Kinetic, will henceforth be participating in the Morningwood Bazaar! (Or, as some lay folk who lack imagination call it, the “Tactical Buyers Club.)

House Kinetic - Kinetic Development Group


 KDG, which is headquartered in Lancaster, PA, has been designing and manufacturing badass weapon accessories (including some outstanding SCAR optimization thingamawhatsits) since they announced their launch (and first product) back in 2015.

They’ve been killin’ it ever since.

We’ll be providing codes and details to all our supporters shortly. Meantime, make haste forthwith to join our ranks. Lift your banner with Morning Wood! Back our writers, photographers, videographers, podcasters, and our homeless herald, “Fast Eddie”, by backing us on Patreon! 


"Fast Eddie," Homeless Herald of House Morningwood with Lord Ser Jon of House Morningwood

Now, from the lads at House Kinetic:

Kinetic Development Group: We find problems and fix them!

Visit Kinetic Development online at https://kineticdg.com/.

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Kinetic Development Group was founded in order to bring the most innovative solutions to the small arms market. KDG is the producer of the MREX, Kinect, and Sidelok product lines.

Kinetic Development Group is now House Kinetic - a part of the Tactical Buyers Club

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